Energy Drink - Toffee Caramel

Alimentation et Boissons

0.36 EUR / Pièce


New taste for new time and consumers. TOFFEE CARAMEL . Specially interesting for femails.

Original high quality aroma promises enjoyment in the every moment, and optimal quantity of Taurin, Inositol and vitamin complex guarantee energetic stimulant that are safe Your health.

Thanks to natural sugar this drink is healthier and more drinkable than other drinks that contains artificial sugar. PH's value of the product gives the characteristic of the environment where microbe is impossible to find, and this is natural conserve element having no artificial conserves.

- Units per package: 24pcs
- Units per EUR-pallet: 2592 pcs
- Container 20": 33.696 pcs
- Incoterm: FOB
- Port of Departure : KOPER - Slovenia

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