Uganda Naturally Dried Arabica Green Bean Coffee

Alimentation et Boissons

2.1 USD / Kilogramme


Our coffee is sourced directly from farmers in Uganda to strengthen their production, assist them in finding international markets, and improve their overall livelihoods.

We are working closely with Arabica and Robusta coffee farmers in the West Nile, Elgon, Rwenzori and Central regions.

Through a range of activities, we seek to ensure that farmers retain greater control and ownership of the processing of the harvested coffee cherries.

We purchase well above Fair Trade prices, so Ugandan farmers and their communities are able to improve their livelihoods and economic well-being

Quantity: 320 jute bags/20' ,
Other available packaging: Hermetic bags, and container liners
Incoterm : FOB
Port of departure: Kampala - Mombasa

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