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WaystoCap Marketplace helps you find the best prices!

  • Verified suppliers globally
  • Technology led price and term automatching

WaystoCap Payments: pay your way

  • WaystoCap lets you pay in your currency, locally!
  • We can help with payment delay too for your merchandize

WaystoCap Insurance

  • If you’re a supplier we’ll help you secure your trade
  • Our proprietary rating system gives an extra layer of security and insurance

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Why people love Marketplace


“WaystoCap allowed us to export our first container to Africa. Exceptional service. Thanks you WaystoCap!”

Yazid el Ali



WaystoCap team is dynamic. They always respect delivery times of my orders. They even give us strategic advice on our trading operations. We are extremely satisfied of our collaboaration.

Folly Assiongbon



WaystoCap has had a fantastic impact on my company. Working closely with their team has been a pleasure; and they have always made sure that all the products we receive are of great quality.

Nourdine Aittioua


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Frequently asked questions

Get all the answers to your most frequently asked questions

If you want to add your product on our platform, you will need to
  • Sign-in to your account by clicking on the Login icon on your top right like shown on the picture here :
  • Or sign-up as a supplier if you’re new on the platform.
If you are already logged in, simply click on “Dashboard” button like so,
Once you have signed into your account, you will be directed to your dashboard where you will need to click on “New product” button on your top right.
As soon as you will enter the next screen, you will see a text box and title where you should enter the your product details, which include Product Name, Country of origin, Images and Description, then click on “Next Step”.
Next step is to fill in your product specifications and price payment. Once again, click on “Next Step” button after finishing each step.
Last step is the logistic part, you will need to give us your processing time, port of departure and your production capacity. When you are all set click on “Submit”
After submitting your product, you will be redirected to your dashboard where you can see your product details. Its status will show “Pending” until we approve it. Once approved, your product will be displayed on our platform.
WaystoCap is the first African focused B2B platform, we help buyers and suppliers meet online, find, manage, and pay for their goods in a verified and trusted environment. You can read more about it here: How It Works Page
WaystoCap will only ever take a commission when a trade is completed. We charge a small % on the value of goods sold. For more information please get in touch!
If you want to join the WaystoCap community all you need to do is sign up! Make sure to identify yourself as a buyer or supplier, and include as much information about what type of products you are buying or selling, where you are based, and other critical information so we can verify your company, and include you in our community. Please Sign up here.
We take verification very seriously. Our buyers have been thoroughly vetted using our proprietary rating system, which is based on our years of experience, and the buyers activity on our platform. For further information please contact us: [email protected]
We help suppliers by taking the pain out of finding trustworthy, and verified buyers. Furthermore through our partnership with CoFace we are able to provide our suppliers further protection.
We encourage all our community to act through the WaystoCap platform, otherwise they will not be able to leverage our unique verification tools, trade insurance partnerships, and other advantages with pricing that we are able to offer both buyers and sellers.
Please get in touch! We are here to help, you can call us: +212 522 205 107 email us: [email protected] or even chat to us on Whatsapp.

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