How WaystoCap helps local business succeed in Benin

How WaystoCap helps local business succeed in Benin

Koffi Pascaline has been a retailer in the Gbogbanou market in Cotonou since the 1970s. A family run business, they have also sourced internationally in the past importing and exporting goods, but they found it difficult to trust suppliers, and faced too many scammers. Since the arrival of Waystocap, they have been able to do business in safety and with full confidence.

How does WaystoCap help your business?

WaystoCap simplifies life thanks to its proximity to the market, and the speed of their service. My clients are demanding and often come from far away, so I need to have a reliable partner who can deliver my needs quickly and work the way I work. I'm also really happy that WaystoCap provides me with flexible ways to pay like mobile money, cash, cheque, and other ways of working. It allows me to focus on my clients.

Why do you like working with WaystoCap?

I love working with WaystoCap! The team is very kind and understand my needs well; and are always trying to improve. They have a very short delivery time, whatever time I order! I’ve always received my goods within maximum 1 hour, so I never worry about stock.

What has changed since you start working with WaystoCap?

Being scammed by dishonest suppliers was one of my biggest fears, but since i start working with WaystoCap, I never had any problems. I have total confidence, I can make the transaction in peace, and receive my goods without risk. They also work with me to extend my cashflow and through trust and repeat business have helped me grow my business too.

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