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Chickpeas are a great ingredient for a variety of dishes. And they bring a lot of nutrition to your food. These types of beans are cultivated in the Middle East as well as in Mediterranean areas, but they are imported and exported worldwide. Here are the most important aspects about chickpeas and how can you benefit from this ingredient!


Generically, chickpeas are used as a natural source of protein, carbohydrates, and fiber. They are great for people who have diabetes because they regulate blood glucose levels. Also, these beans are great for strengthening bones thanks to their concentration of iron, phosphate, calcium, and zinc.


Chickpeas have selenium which empowers the functions of the liver and helps detox the body. It is important to remember that one cup of boiled chickpeas contains around 45 grams of carbohydrates, 13 grams of fiber, 15 grams of protein, 4 grams of fat and no cholesterol. All these nutritional factors are wrapped in 269 calories which can represent an important part of a meal.


As healthy as they are, it is not a good idea to eat them raw because they can be contaminated with a multitude of toxins. Not to mention that regular consumption of chickpeas can help people lose weight and maintain a healthy diet. These beans make miracles for the digestive system and have long-term benefits!


According to the strain, chickpeas can come in different sizes as well, from 7 mm, 8 mm, 9 mm, 10 mm and 12 mm. They all have the same nutritional values and can be cooked in the same style.Chickpeas can be round and beige or even black, green and red.


The black chickpeas come from India, and they reach the dark color by being dried in the sun. Green chickpeas are young chickpeas that still keep their sweet flavor and can be found at local farmers rather than in supermarkets. There are also chickpeas meant for flour such as Chana dal which are yellow and chickpea shoots which are great for salads.


In general, smaller chickpeas such as the 7 mm ones or 8 mm ones are a perfect choice for all kinds of salads. The best quality chickpeas come in see-through bags that allow you to see the product and check if the chickpeas are whole and not broken in pieces.


When it comes to Africa, almost all types of chickpeas are imported and exported on a regular basis. India is one of the biggest exporters of chickpeas in Africa, and that includes chickpeas flour. Joining the chickpeas import-export market can be a great improvement for your business and bring you an impressive profit. Waystocap can also guide you toward the best way to import and export chickpeas into Africa.


Through the Waystocap system, you can also identify quality contacts such as exporters to help you find high quality products with the best prices. 

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