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"– Superstack Enhanced– Animal Based Protein Source Only– Super Carb Waxy Potato StarchSIZES AVAILABLE: 1Kg, 5KgMuscle Wellness Superstacked Anabolic Mass is the latest and greatest scientific and ingredient intense formula designed to enhance your muscle gain goals in the quickest time possible. We have had a look at the different aspects of quality muscle gain and come up with the conclusion that quality calories from quality sources are whats important when putting quality muscle and this is exactly what Superstacked Anabolic Mass delivers: Animal sourced protein content from quick and sustained release sources. Only whey and casein are used in this product in order to ensure that there is no oestrogen increases that sometimes occur with the soy protein .Carbohydrates that are in perfect combination delivering excellent glycogen replacement. It can been shown that a combination of high and low molecular weight carbohydrates are best for glycogen replenishment. Waxy Potato Starch is a perfect partner to create muscle fullness post training.Good fats in the form of Medium Chain Triglycerides and RPSO certified Palm Fruit oil (superior to palm kernel oil) . Fats are essential to muscle growth and provide great calories for muscle gain and if taken correctly will not contribute to fat deposits in the body but assist in aiding in energy supply for muscle growth.Anabolic micro – nutrients in the form of a SuperStack to enhance your muscle building potential. Muscular and testosterone focused amino acids and metabolites have been included in this formula to further assist in completing a total and complete solution for hard gainers."

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