100% Organic Aronia Juice

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100% cold press of Organic Fresh or Frozen Aronia Fruit. Pasteurized. GMO free, No additives, No sweteners or sugar added. Overwhelming presence of antioxidants in aronia helps preventing and reducing the risk of diseases caused by oxidative stress. Maintaining high elasticity and permeability of normal blood vessel walls, chokeberry juice lowers blood pressure, purifies the vascular wall of atherosclerotic plaques. Fresh juice aronia, taken in 50 ml three times a day has an excellent clinically proven effect against hypertension. It is invaluable for prophylactic and rehabilitation after stroke, heart attack and other diseases of the cardiovascular system.
The combination of vitamins P and C helps the body to be released from radioactive substances and heavy metal ions. Aronia juice has hormone-like effect and contributes to the breakdown of adrenaline. It can be used successfully against cancerous growths. Aronia energizes the body, restores life force, helps overcome fatigue and nervous disorders, stimulates the regeneration of muscles and bone tissue, blood formation and metabolism.

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