How DOGA Pasta became a family favorite brand in Benin!

How DOGA Pasta became a family favorite brand in Benin!

A family run business: GOYMEN A.S was started in 1956 in Gaziantep, Turkey; the company began its life as a wheat flour producer and in the 1970s expanded its product range to offer pasta products. The company is now present in 40 countries, and a highly respected and well known brand.

How did you work in Africa before WaystoCap? What were the challenges?

We used to work in West Africa in a complicated and ad-hoc way. The challenge was to find trustworthy buyers who’d pay on time, and would repeat orders, instead we’d regularly talk to time wasters. We had to travel frequently to meet potential buyers, and to understand the market. It was a costly endeavour and we would have to deal with a lot of issues with logistics, customs, and general on-the-ground concerns.

We’ve seen a lot of potential deals fall through at the last minute due to all sorts of unknowns, and although we have a competent export and sales team the complexity of dealing with African importers (an exciting market that we want to be more active in) led us to seek a partner who could help us make things run more smoothly.

The Solution: WaystoCap

WaystoCap’s Local team were able to customize the WaystoCap’s solution to match the way that Goymen wanted to work in Benin. By leveraging the local knowledge, and integrated product offering with warehouse and software inventory management, and local payments; Goymen has been able to successfully sell in the Beninese market, and further a field including Togo and even Burkina Faso.

WaystoCap has allowed us to get our products closer to buyers, and allow them to buy small amounts, see samples, and pay the way they want to pay. It has really increased our coverage in the market, and has got our name further well known, reducing the gaps in availability in the market. The team are very professional, easy to work with, and have been a pleasure to deal with.
- Zineb El Ouardi

Now WaystoCap is the way Goymen’s Doga spaghetti products are distributed in Benin and will be expanded soon to other products and markets. Taking away the stress of payments, distribution, and trust.

WaystoCap has let us focus on what we are best at: making world class pasta products, and they take care of marketing and distribution.
- Zineb El Ouardi

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