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Hot Melt adhesive tapes offer the widest range of application flexibility available. They offer excellent performance whether applied by hand or by carton sealers. Their superior adhesion properties, holding force, and tensile strength ensures consistent reliable seals. Noted for a quiet release and easy unwind. Multi-purpose masking tape for all uses under 80 °F. It is widely used in home do-it-yourself applications or in small paint jobs for the car second-hand market.

Our waterborne acrylic resin tapes have high-temperature resistance, high-grade UV resistance, and great permanent bonding strength. They can be used in temperatures that reach 120°C. providing excellent clarity, acrylic tapes age well over extended periods of sunlight and fluorescent lighting. The acrylic adhesive in acrylic box tapes features improved quick-stick performance, higher shear strength, reduced haze and improved clarity. We have a variety of packing tape with an acrylic adhesive.
Our waterborne acrylic masking tape is mostly used for painters and the building industry

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