most profitable items to import from china

Most Profitable Items to Import from China

China is one of the most important partners on the African market for a long time. With such a wide African continent, the demand for certain goods is also increased. The good news is that China can supply most of the basic African necessities. There are plenty of profitable products to import from China and, as time goes by new opportunities appear. The commercial relationship between Africa and China is bringing a lot of benefits to importers and exporters worldwide.

The economic relationships between China and Africa began centuries ago. And the main reason for which China is so interested in the African market is its need for raw resources. In the same time, African countries are looking for financial support to develop different industries and China can offer that support. On this basis, developed import-export commerce emerged between the two regions.

Best Products To Import From China

  1. Rice and Other Foods
  2. Clothing
  3. Vehicles
  4. Electronics
  5. Plastic and Articles of Plastic
  6. Pharmaceutical Products

China is a country with a high level of productivity. It can be a great source of all kinds of goods according to the necessities present on a certain market. And people in business who own an import-export company can find a lot of options to explore in China. However, to be successful, you need to identify the best products that will bring you profit and help you develop your business in the long run.

Most likely, you will change the type of goods you import several times over the years according to what the market needs most. Here are the most popular and the best products to import from China when you want to break into the African market!

1. Rice and Other Foods

Africa is a large continent populated by millions of people. There are African countries with a population that reaches close to 200 million people, such as Nigeria. This aspect makes food and agriculture products a “must have” in any African country. Africans like to consume a lot of rice.
They even incorporated it into their culture and made it part of their traditional cuisine. And the most consumed type of rice in Africa is the white rice which can be easily imported from China. Along the years, African governments in different countries tried to create a farming industry that will supply the amount of rice at least at a national level. But the quality of the rice produced in Africa turned out to be lower than the quality of the imported rice. This is one of the reasons why Africa keeps importing rice from countries like China.

Sugar is another type of goods that are imported from China along with different vegetables and even meat. Since the urbanization process started and more Africans started life in the city, the demand for these types of goods increased. Also, food products are also some of the cheap products to import from China, which makes them even more popular.

2. Clothing

Clothing is a basic type of good to import in Africa, and it will always be in demand. China offers quality materials and apparel that can be imported into almost any African country. While Africa imports a lot of second-hand clothes from countries like the USA, it also imports a lot of brand new clothes from China.

The reason African people prefer Chinese apparel is not only based on its high quality but also on its affordable price. And if the clothes are adapted to the African traditions, there is no risk of failure for the importer or the exporter.

Many importers are also oriented to bring Chinese textiles into African markets. These textiles can later on re-modified into different clothes or decorative items. And if a high quantity of textiles is imported, the price goes down significantly. Clothes and textiles are some of the most profitable products to import from China.

3. Vehicles

The automotive market is in constant development, and China is one of the main suppliers regarding vehicles. Also, importers bring in the African markets different pieces from China, used to repair certain cars. It is an entire industry that can bring a lot of opportunities for import-export companies and increase their profit fast.

Africa needs high-quality vehicles to function on the rough streets and poor infrastructure found on the continent. And China understood these needs very well, so a lot of new models appeared on the market to satisfy them. However, the local infrastructure is also improving in a lot of African countries. China is not only exporting goods for the automotive market but also contributing to the improvements that need to be done.

Also, there is a high demand for other vehicles such as motorcycles. Such products can be very popular even in the poor African countries because they are highly efficient and easy to maintain. For experienced importers and exporters, vehicles are an opportunity and a fast way to increase their profit.

4. Electronics

Another type of goods that are in high demand in Africa is electronics. China is a great producer of all kinds of electronics and gadgets from phones to laptops and many others. One can import high price electronics from China or cheap ones. Both categories will sell fine on almost any African market.
The most popular electronics are phones. China offers a wide range of phones of all kinds and some of them like Huawei made it to international fame. And Africans are big fans of technology so as long as they can access a quality product at an affordable price, they will buy it.

Many importers decided to orientate their business on these types of goods because they are easy to sell and bring a good profit. Cables and pieces for different electronics are also in high demand in Africa. These types of goods are selling even better in urban areas where almost half of the continent lives. And the most developed country from this perspective is Nigeria. Overall, electronics are some of the hot products to import from China because of their increased popularity.

5. Plastic and Articles of Plastic

The process of urbanization is once again responsible for the increased demand for plastic products. Africa is a great consumer of plastic and articles made of plastic. They import most of these plastic goods from China at a very friendly price. Plastic is the main material used at packaging in most African stores and markets. Plastic is also used for toys, bottles and many other industries which is why the imports of this material are high every year.

Even if African countries tried to develop a plan to supply the demand for plastic locally without importing it, it still needs time to be implemented right. And since so many millions of African people live in the urban areas, the demand keeps growing from year to year. But China is a great supplier of such goods so, until better options appear, Africa can rely on Chinese producers.

6. Pharmaceutical Products

Pharmaceutical products are also a great opportunity to consider for many importers that want to break into an African market. The health industry is one of the most important industries, and there are very little risks to be taken in this industry.

Africa holds over 24 percent of the world’s disease burden which makes the need for drugs to be even higher. The poverty in different African countries and the low level of nutrition for people only contribute to the different diseases found on the continent. Also, the low level of hygiene is to blame for most health problems found in Africa.

To meet all the pharmaceutical needs, China has good offers for the African market. Not only the drugs are cheaper than similar ones from other countries, but they are of good quality as well. Importers who want to dive into this type of trading should consider staying informed when it comes to norms and specific regulations.

Importing drugs and pharmaceutical products, in general, can be challenging, but it can also bring a lot of profit. Make sure you follow the pharmaceutical guidelines to be able to fulfill such an import-export process.

If you are wondering which product import from China to Africa, the list above should give you an idea to start with. But the opportunities don’t stop here! You can study the local African market that you want to enter and identify the most profitable opportunities present.

Each African country is different, and they tend to have different needs as well. What works in Nigeria might not work in Ghana for instance. The good news is that regardless of what are the specific needs of a country, chances are China has what it takes to meet the demand.

Tips To Importing From China Wholesale

When you want to become an importer and you count on Chinese products for your success, there are certain rules to follow. Not everyone who decides to get into this type of trading is successful, and the difference stays in the details. You will have to pay attention to certain aspects and don’t neglect the potential of such a business.

Even if you get better the more imports you complete, there are ways to be successful right from the first attempt. Here are the most useful tips to consider increasing your profit while you import items from China!

1. Do Your Research

Research is maybe the most important part of such a process, and you can’t neglect it if you aim to achieve good results. Try to know your niche as good as possible to improve your marketing. Knowing your niche will also help you establish the best price for your products, and this is highly important.
Also, research the norms that need to be followed to complete the import-export process. Staying ahead of these legal aspects will help you avoid possible delays in the shipment process. Also, in the part of the research, you need to include finding information about the Chinese business market.
The more you know about the Chinese business style, the better you will get along with your supplier! It might be a great idea to have a research department to deal with such aspects so you can spend more time on the import-export process itself.

2. Find A Product That Is In High Demand

The key to a good import-export process is to find the right product to trade. You might want to take this decision after the research phase because you will need to gather some information about the market you want to enter. Each African country has its own needs. These needs depend a lot on the number of people living in that country and also on the urban and rural percentage.

When importing wholesale products from China, you can start with low-risk goods such as food or clothing. These types of products will always be successful in almost any African market so you can’t fail easily. Once you get comfortable doing this type of business, you can always upgrade to electronics or other types of goods. And when it comes to importing products from China, the sky is the limit!

3. Find Good Suppliers

Once you have the information that you need and you got a product in mind, you will need a supplier. Your Chinese exporter will be your main partner, so such a relationship needs to be based on trust. One way to find trustworthy supplier is to check the online portals and forums.
You will also find the website of your potential supplier, and you can check testimonials from previous clients. Also, you can find trustworthy suppliers by asking other local importers to recommend you some of their partners. In any case, you do take a risk when you start a new collaboration, but the risk is lower if you are well informed first.

Many suppliers are looking for importers to collaborate with and this can be a great advantage for both parts. With patience and plenty of knowledge, forming the right import export team shouldn’t be a problem!

4. Decide On a Shipment Method

If you took care of all the other aspects, the shipment method is the last important concern on your list. The shipment can be made by air or by sea. Many African countries have access to several ports, and even if the goods might get in the country of destination later, it is considered a safe shipment method.

Some goods require a certain shipment method and even some sort of insurance, so it all depends on the type of product that you are importing. Luckily, you won’t have to decide alone on this aspect. Your exporter will have a great contribution to choosing a good shipment method for your goods. And both you and your exporter have the common goal of keeping your goods safe during the shipping process.

5. Stay On Top Of the Legal Aspect

All the other steps and tips are useless if you are not informed about the paperwork involved in the process. All import-export process implies a certain amount of documents to be provided by the importer and the exporter. Certificates regarding the origin of the goods will also be part of the paperwork. Plus, different African authorities involved in the trading process will require different documents. You and your partner need to be informed about the legal aspects involved so you can avoid unnecessary costs and delays.

Once your cargo reaches the country of destination, you will need to have the paperwork ready to finish the clearance phase. You might need a lawyer to be in charge of this process if you afford hiring or very good contacts to ask for certain advice when you need it. The good part is that usually, the paperwork is similar from one import to another so, you can follow the same strategy every time.

How can Waystocap help you import the best Chinese products

You can succeed in the import-export process by doing it all yourself and taking certain risks, or you can use Waystocap. Waystocap is a great system that can guide you through the entire import-export adventure. It will help you choose the best product to start trading with and establish the best terms to do it.

By using this system, you will avoid the most dangerous risks involved in the process such as being the victim of a fraud. The specialists at Waystocap can help you find the right shipment method and also add the right insurance for your goods. Not to mention that by being part of this system you save a lot of time spent on research and a lot of costs. You can even enjoy a personalized plan according to your particular needs and preferences.

Also, Waystocap can put you in contact with reliable partners such as suppliers or other importers and exporters. It makes all the difference to be able to develop such an impressive business by having the right specialists on your side!

Waystocap is made to facilitate international trades between African countries and the rest of the world. And when it comes to China, there are many options to consider developing your import-export business.

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