Interview with our Sales Trader : Taha Benkirane

Question 1:
What is WaystoCap’s mission?

WaystoCap’s mission is clear: Unlocking trade in Africa. We want to make accessible online trading. By helping suppliers and buyers, small or large companies to sell and buy goods internationally.

Question 2:
What is your job and how do you help your customers every day?

My job as Sales Trader is to help my clients in their imports. We try to offer them the best prices at the best conditions. The ultimate goal is to make our customers no longer worry about their imports so they can focus on their business. We assist each customer in the whole process, from the beginning until the end.

Question 3:
What attracted you in the import-export industry and working in a startup?

I have a master’s degree in International Management and Logistics. Therefore, working in import & export was for me a logical continuation and a chance to improve my skills.
I quickly acquired a passion for import & export, it is an exciting field, and even more captivating when you are in a startup because of evolution perspectives.

Question 4:
What advice would you give to a young graduate who wants to join WaystoCap?

The only advice I can give is: Go for it!
WaystoCap is the best example of a company-school, where a young graduate can quickly learn from a polyvalent and dynamic team. We work together for the same purpose and we learn from each other. We have no limit, that’s why any young graduate can flourish easily and work his way up!

Question 5:
What skills did you bring to this position from your educational background in logistics?

Trading in import & export requires extensive knowledge in logistics and international commerce. My background allowed me to be familiar and effective in terms of studies of different African markets, negotiation and monitoring operations.
It is necessary to know the environment in which we progress, and logistics is a crucial part of the trading in import/export.

Question 6 :
How do you find work in a bilingual and multicultural environment?

We are constantly learning from each other, professionally and personally. I have colleagues from diverse backgrounds and nationalities, this helps us to be more open to others which leads to more creativity and better performance. I love working with such a dynamic and international team! I recently learned that in Mauritania we use the same word to say “Thank you” and “good morning”: “Jarama”

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